who da man
I'll Stop the Whole World.
I could cry to fill up the oceans, but I'll save my salt to season my toast. I'm a girl- she's filled with all these feelings that she can't handle. She's always so angry and filled with this hot air, blown away by the simplest things. She hates everyone who dares to look past her abilities because of her hijab. She's not a terrorist. She's an aspiring artist but she knows it won't get her anywhere in life and she does creative writing to get rid of the big black gunk that's molded itself like a cage around her heart. She can hold grudges longer than an elephant can remember them. She's going to speak her Muslim, wild, free, crazy, creative, Arab, Algerian, stupid mind and if you don't want to listen to her than the back button is looking pretty nice to you right now.


friendship is sharing sad otp headcanons and laughing as u watch ur friend cry


two vampire friends lying on the floor getting drunk and describing eachother because they can’t use mirrors don’t even try to tell me that isn’t adorable


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i can’t even appreciate the beauty of the sunrise after staying up all night because it’s just like. fuck. there it is. there’s the sun. i fucked up. why am i laughing. nothing is funny. the sun is there and it’s harshly reprimanding me for being awake all night. “this is the life you’ve chosen for yourself fucker” it says. i’m not laughing. i’m crying. there’s the fucking sun